How To Choose The Best Hosting Website Builder In 2020

25 February 2020

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If you want to start a personal or small business website without hiring a developer, get a website builder. However, finding a builder is one thing and finding the best one in 2020 is another, especially for beginners. The market is saturated with website builders but getting that which can be the right solution for your online business is challenging. In this article, we’ll introduce you to some of the best builders in the market and their qualities, prices, pros and cons, to help you choose the one that will fulfill your needs the most.


Wix is a widely held popular website builder software based on cloud. It comes with a powerful, user-friendly design to help you build your own site with ease.

  • Pros

    With Wix, you don’t pay for hosting because it is a fully hosted platform. It has hundreds of editable templates that you can explore for your website design needs. It also comprises an intuitive drag and drop feature.

    Besides, it contains many free and paid Wix-developed and third-party apps that you can install to add a new look and functionalities to your experience.

    In addition, they have a free plan that includes unpaid SSL, limited bandwidth and storage but with no domain name. To keep it, you will need a premium plan upgrade.

  • Cons

    Your site will feature Wix branded ads from unpaid and Connect Domain plans. The solution will be to upgrade to their Combo package to get rid of the ads. Also, taking your online initiative off their system comes with a lot of complications.

  • Pricing

    Wix has a limited free plan that comprises of a branded sub domain, and you need $9.16 monthly to connect a domain. A $14.95/month combo bundle can buy you a domain name at no cost and with $26.25/month, you get the ecommerce package.


Squarespace is one of the best professional hosting website building systems that provide great designs and is easy to use.

  • Pros

    The hosting infrastructure of Squarespace is of enterprise quality, and that is the type of secure and powerful system you need.

    The platform comprises of hundreds of editable website designs and templates to choose from for every type of content.

    The designs make adding content on the platform quite simple as you can easily type and drag and drop items in no time as you create beautiful layouts in minutes. With its ecommerce package, you can create an online store easily. The design comes with an appealing interface to manage your products, orders, coupon discounts, inventory, etc.

  • Cons

    Third-party services have limited integration with Squarespace, and that can limit your growth. Also, payment processing in their ecommerce packages is only limited to Apple Pay, PayPal and Stripe.

  • Pricing

    Their price begins at $12 and $18 monthly and $26 and $40 monthly for their online stores. It is not only beautiful but also easy-to-use.


Weebly is a website builder software that comes with multiple amazing designs and is quite user-friendly. It has an attractively designed feature for page building which helps you edit your site even if you lack coding skills.

  • Pros

    Weebly is a platform that offers full hosting services. So, you won’t have to manage the software. They will install, host and manage every software your site needs. It supplies you with dozens of editable designs using its live page editor.

    They offer built-in support for ecommerce, which allows you to create an online store easily. It provides built-in features for photo galleries, contact forms, sliders, etc.

    As a fully hosted platform, Weebly offers you all the features they have. So, you won’t have to hire any developer or designer to work for you.

  • Cons

    For every sale you make on your ecommerce store, they charges a 3% transaction fee. It takes upgrading to their business package to eliminate the fee.

  • Pricing

    Weebly offers a simple program at no cost that begins from $8 monthly, and it’s billed annually. For a pro and business plan, they charge $12 and $25 per month, respectively.

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Choosing the best hosting website builder can seem time-consuming and overwhelming. That’s the reason we introduce you to different types of builders and provide directions on what you should look for when choosing yours. With the above information on their prices, pros and cons, you can compare the builders and choose that which will work for your site.

Remember that you are not only making it 'beautiful' for the eyes of your customers, you are also building your brand identity. And Google loves to reward websites that are well designed - by ranking them better.

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